Mini Foam Pump Dispensing Foam With Mini Size Eco-Friendly Recyclable Design Function

Basic Information
Place of Origin: made in China
Brand Name: CTP
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Model Number: 30-410-D
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: In bulk
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 200000 pcs / day
Content: Cream Eco-Friendly: Recyclable
Function: Dispensing Foam Compatibility: Suitable For Various Liquid Soaps
Core: Inside/outside Design: Mini Size
Application: Travel, Home, Office, Etc. Convenience: Easy To Use And Carry
High Light:

Travel Size Mini Foam Pump


Recyclable Mini Foam Pump


Eco-Friendly Mini Foam Pump

Product Description:

Introducing our innovative Mini Foam Pump, the quintessential accessory for personal care enthusiasts and skincare aficionados. This meticulously designed foam pump is crafted to transform your daily face cleansing ritual into a luxurious and pampering experience. The Mini Foam Pump is not just a product; it is a game-changer in the realm of facial cleansers, offering a harmonious blend of functionality and sophistication.

At the heart of this product is its superior closure type – a reliable screw-on mechanism that ensures a secure fit onto your favorite bottle of facial cleanser. This feature guarantees that the foam pump stays firmly in place, preventing any leakage or spills, and maintaining the integrity of your skincare product. The screw-on design also makes it incredibly easy to attach and detach, making refilling a breeze.

A standout attribute of the Mini Foam Pump is its precise foam output. With every depression, the pump dispenses a consistent 0.4 cc of foam, delivering the perfect amount needed to cleanse your face thoroughly. This careful calibration eliminates waste and ensures that you get the most out of your facial cleanser. The foam output is not just about quantity; it is about creating a luxurious lather that feels soft and gentle on the skin, making it an ideal foam maker for face wash.

Our Mini Foam Pump is engineered with a focus on the feature that makes it stand out – foaming. The ability to create a rich and creamy foam enhances the efficacy of your facial cleanser, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the pores and remove impurities more effectively. The foaming action also means you'll use less product each time, as the pump aerates the cleanser, expanding its volume and coverage. The result is a refreshing and satisfying cleansing experience that leaves your skin feeling clean and revitalized.

Functionality is at the forefront of the Mini Foam Pump's design, with its primary function being dispensing foam. This pump is not just about dispensing any foam; it is about dispensing a fine, dense foam that can evenly cover the facial area. The consistency of the foam ensures that it spreads smoothly over the skin, providing an even application that aids in the gentle removal of dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh scrubbing.

Durability and safety are also paramount, which is why the Mini Foam Pump is manufactured using high-quality plastic material. This choice of material is not arbitrary; plastic provides the resilience and longevity required for daily use, ensuring that the pump will remain functional and effective over time. Moreover, the plastic used in the construction of this foam pump is selected for its compatibility with skincare products, ensuring that it does not react with the ingredients of your facial cleanser, thus maintaining the product's integrity and your skin's health.

The Mini Foam Pump is not only a practical tool but also a sleek addition to your bathroom vanity. Its compact size makes it an unobtrusive yet essential component of your skincare routine. Whether you are at home or traveling, this foam pump is an indispensable ally in your quest for a flawless complexion. It is the perfect companion for anyone looking to elevate their cleansing ritual and is particularly suitable for those who use foam-based facial cleansers.

In conclusion, the Mini Foam Pump is a must-have for anyone who takes their skincare seriously. It offers a novel way to use facial cleansers, transforming them into a delicate foam that enhances the cleaning process. For those seeking a foam pump that marries elegance with efficiency, the Mini Foam Pump is an excellent choice. It promises to make your face washing routine not only more effective but also more enjoyable. Embrace the art of foaming with this exquisite foam maker for face wash and step into a world of refined skincare.

Mini Foam Pump Dispensing Foam With Mini Size Eco-Friendly Recyclable Design Function 0



Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Foam Output 0.4 Cc
Core Inside/outside
Closure Type Screw-on
Material Plastic
Design Mini Size
Application Travel, Home, Office, Etc.
Content Cream
Eco-Friendly Recyclable
Color Colorful
Feature Foaming


The CTP Mini Foam Pump, with its model number 30-410-D, is a versatile and eco-friendly product designed for a multitude of applications. This pump is proudly made in China and comes with the assurance of quality, holding ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. As a recyclable product, the CTP Mini Foam Pump aligns with environmental sustainability efforts, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers.

One of the key functions of the CTP Mini Foam Pump is as a foam maker for face wash. The pump dispenses a perfect amount of foam that is gentle on the skin, making it an ideal companion for daily facial cleansing routines. Its compatibility with various liquid soaps ensures that users can continue to use their preferred brands while enjoying the benefits of a foamy lather that removes impurities effectively without causing skin irritation.

Beyond face wash, the CTP Mini Foam Pump is an excellent tool for dispensing foam for facial cleansers. The fine and rich foam produced by the pump allows for deep cleansing of pores, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience. The pump's design ensures that it dispenses a consistent amount of product, minimizing waste and ensuring that your facial cleanser lasts longer.

For those who enjoy the luxurious touch of mousse foaming pumps, the CTP Mini Foam Pump delivers an exquisite foamy texture that elevates the cleansing experience. Whether it's for personal care at home or for professional use in spas and salons, the pump's functionality and convenience make it a must-have. Its easy-to-use feature and compact size also make it an excellent choice for travelers who wish to maintain their skincare routines on the go.

The CTP Mini Foam Pump is not limited to personal care; it can also serve in various commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, and public restrooms. Its ease of use and compatibility with a broad range of liquid soaps make it a convenient and hygienic solution for communal handwashing stations. Furthermore, its durable plastic material ensures longevity, even with frequent use.

In summary, the CTP Mini Foam Pump is a versatile, eco-friendly, and convenient product suitable for both personal and commercial use. Its applications range from face wash and facial cleansers to public handwashing facilities, making it an indispensable item for those who value hygiene, sustainability, and quality in their cleansing products.



Brand Name: CTP

Model Number: 30-410-D

Place of Origin: made in China

Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Application: Perfect for Travel, Home, Office, Etc.

Design: Compact and Mini Size

Content: Ideal for Cream-based products

Compatibility: The Mousse foaming pump is suitable for various liquid soaps, ensuring a mini yet efficient dispensing solution.

Color: Available in a range of Colorful options to match your style and preferences.


Support and Services:

The Mini Foam Pump is designed to deliver a consistent and precise amount of foam with each use. Our product technical support and services ensure that you can fully utilize your Mini Foam Pump with confidence. Should you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding the product, we offer a comprehensive guide that covers troubleshooting steps, maintenance advice, and best practices for optimal performance. Our support services also include access to a knowledge base with FAQs, product documentation, and detailed user manuals. We are dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need to enjoy the benefits of our high-quality Mini Foam Pump.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Mini Foam Pump: Each Mini Foam Pump is individually packed in a secure, compact box designed to protect the item during transport. The box is constructed from high-quality, eco-friendly materials to ensure sustainability. The package includes a clear label with product information and a barcode for easy identification and inventory management.

Shipping Information for Mini Foam Pump: The Mini Foam Pumps are shipped in sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes that can withstand the rigors of transit. Each shipping box can contain multiple units, securely separated by dividers to prevent damage. The exterior of the box is clearly marked with the necessary shipping and handling instructions to ensure safe delivery to the destination. Fragile stickers are applied to alert carriers of the delicate contents within.

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