Plastic Hand Lotion Pump For Washroom Replenishment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: PRC
Brand Name: CTP
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Model Number: 40-410-E
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: In bulk
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 200000 pcs / day
Features: Non-Slip Base Closure Type: Screw On
Dispensing Method: Pump Suitable For: Bathroom, Kitchen, Office,Washroom
Materlial: PET Color: White
Usage: Hand Lotion Dispenser Refillable: Yes
High Light:

Washroom Replenishment Hand Lotion Pump


Plastic Hand Lotion Pump

Product Description:

Introducing our premium Hand Lotion Pump, designed to deliver a perfect blend of functionality and style to your daily skincare routine. This meticulously crafted accessory is made from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and a sleek look that seamlessly integrates into the decor of any setting, be it your bathroom, kitchen, office, or washroom. The classic white color of our hand lotion pump brings a touch of simplicity and elegance, making it a versatile addition that complements any interior palette.

The pump's innovative design allows it to dispense hand lotion foam nicely and richly, providing a luxurious experience with each use. The thoughtfully engineered pump mechanism ensures a consistent and controlled flow of lotion, reducing waste and ensuring that you get the most out of your product. Whether you're looking to maintain the softness of your hands after washing dishes, or you need a quick moisturizing touch-up between office tasks, this hand lotion pump stands ready to meet your needs.

One of the standout features of this Hand Lotion Pump is its convenient screw-on closure type. This secure design feature guarantees that the pump stays in place, preventing accidental spills or leaks. The closure is easy to operate, making it a breeze to refill the pump with your favorite lotion. This user-friendly approach to design extends to the entire product, ensuring that individuals of all ages can operate the pump with ease.

Our Hand Lotion Pump is not only practical but also environmentally conscious. The use of plastic as the primary material means that the pump is lightweight, resistant to breakage, and can be recycled after its lifespan, reducing your environmental footprint. The smooth surface of the pump allows for easy cleaning, maintaining hygiene standards, and prolonging the aesthetic appeal of the product.

The dispensing method of our pump stands out, as it is engineered to foam nicely and richly, providing a sensation of decadence without the luxury price tag. The pump dispenses just the right amount of lotion to hydrate and nourish your hands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. The effectiveness of the dispensing mechanism also means that the lotion is distributed evenly across your hands, avoiding the common problem of excessive or insufficient amounts that lead to discomfort or waste.

This hand lotion pump is not just a tool but an experience, designed to elevate the simple act of hand moisturizing into a moment of self-care and indulgence. By choosing our Hand Lotion Pump, you're investing in a product that prioritizes your comfort, convenience, and care for the environment. It's an essential accessory for anyone who values the health and appearance of their hands, and it makes an excellent gift for friends, family, or colleagues who appreciate a touch of luxury in their daily lives.

To sum up, our Hand Lotion Pump is the epitome of design meets functionality. Its sturdy plastic construction, elegant white color, practical screw-on closure, and efficient pump mechanism that ensures your lotion foams nicely and richly, make it an indispensable addition to any space. So why wait? Treat yourself and your space to the convenience, luxury, and style of our premium Hand Lotion Pump today!

Plastic Hand Lotion Pump For Washroom Replenishment 0Plastic Hand Lotion Pump For Washroom Replenishment 1


  • Product Name: Hand Lotion Pump
  • Usage: Hand Lotion Dispenser
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Suitable For: Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, Washroom
  • Product Type: Hand Lotion Foam Pump
  • Features: Non-Slip Base
  • Keywords: Skin Care, Hand Lotion Pump

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Usage Hand Lotion Dispenser
Product Type Hand Lotion Foam Pump
Materlial PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Closure Type Screw On
Suitable For Bathroom, Kitchen, Office, Washroom
Material Plastic
Refillable Yes
Color White
Features Non-Slip Base
Dispensing Method Pump


The CTP Model Number 40-410-E hand lotion pump is a high-quality dispenser that is designed to function seamlessly across various application occasions and scenarios. With its place of origin in the PRC and certifications like ISO9001 and ISO14001, this product ensures reliability and adherence to international standards.

One of the most common uses for the CTP hand lotion pump is in personal care settings such as bathrooms and powder rooms. The convenience of the screw-on closure type and the durable plastic material makes it an excellent addition to any hand washing area. The pump's ability to foam nicely and richly enhances the user experience, making it ideal for those who prefer a luxurious hand-washing experience.

Another scenario where the CTP hand lotion pump is incredibly useful is within the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants can utilize this pump for their hand lotion dispensers in guest washrooms or dining areas. The pristine white color complements any decor, maintaining a clean and professional look. The different gasket options—1.2MM, 1.5MM, 2.0MM—allow for customization according to the viscosity of the lotion being used, ensuring a perfect dispense every time.

In healthcare facilities, the hygienic aspect of using a hand lotion pump over traditional lotion bottles cannot be overstated. The CTP pump minimizes contact and the spread of germs due to its simple and effective design, making it a safer option for both patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the ease of dispensing hand lotion that foams nicely and richly encourages frequent use, promoting better hand hygiene practices.

Beauty salons and spas are also perfect venues for the CTP hand lotion pump. Clients appreciate the added touch of a high-quality hand lotion dispenser that foams nicely and richly, providing a sense of luxury and care during their visit. The pump's robust design ensures that it can withstand frequent use in such busy environments.

Lastly, the CTP hand lotion pump is also suitable for office settings where maintaining employee hygiene is important. The pump can be placed in common areas like restrooms, break rooms, or at reception desks, allowing employees and visitors alike to enjoy the benefits of a hand lotion that foams nicely and richly without the need for direct contact with lotion bottles.

In conclusion, the CTP Model Number 40-410 hand lotion pump is a versatile product that meets the needs of various applications, ensuring a hygienic, luxurious, and practical solution for dispensing hand lotion across different environments.



Brand Name: CTP

Model Number: 40-410-E

Place of Origin: PRC

Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Material: Plastic

Features: Non-Slip Base

Refillable: Yes

Color: White

Usage: Hand Lotion Dispenser

Enhance your skin care routine with the CTP hand lotion pump, designed with a non-slip base for stability and crafted from durable plastic. Certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001, this refillable model number 40-410 is perfect for dispensing your favorite hand lotion, ensuring your skin care regimen is seamless and effective.


Support and Services:

Welcome to the Product Technical Support and Services page for our Hand Lotion Pump. Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end after you've made your purchase. We're here to provide you with the support you need for a smooth and easy experience with our product.

If you're experiencing any difficulties with your Hand Lotion Pump, please refer to the following support services we offer:

Troubleshooting Guide: We provide a detailed guide to help you diagnose and solve common issues that may arise with your lotion pump. This guide covers everything from unclogging to proper maintenance techniques.

FAQs: Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides quick answers to common queries about the Hand Lotion Pump. This section is continuously updated based on customer feedback and common trends in inquiries.

Maintenance Tips: To extend the life of your Hand Lotion Pump, we offer best practices for cleaning and maintaining your device. Proper care ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Replacement Parts: In the event that a component of your pump needs replacement, we offer a selection of compatible parts. You can find information on how to order and replace these parts efficiently.

Warranty Service: Our Hand Lotion Pump comes with a comprehensive warranty. Should your product have any manufacturing defects, we provide guidelines on how to claim warranty services and what is covered.

Recycling Information: We are dedicated to environmental sustainability. This section provides information on how to recycle your Hand Lotion Pump responsibly once it has reached the end of its life cycle.

For any other concerns or inquiries not covered in our support sections, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service team for personalized assistance. We are dedicated to resolving any issues you may face and ensuring your complete satisfaction with our product.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging and Shipping Information:

Hand Lotion Pump Product

The Hand Lotion Pump is carefully packaged in a durable, aesthetically pleasing box that ensures the product remains intact during transit. The packaging is designed to protect the pump mechanism and bottle from potential damage such as impacts or pressure that may occur during shipping.

Each box is sealed and secured to prevent any leakage or contamination. The bottle containing the hand lotion is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to degradation from the lotion's ingredients.

For shipping, the packaged product is placed in a supportive, cushioned outer carton to provide additional protection. The outer carton is chosen to fit the product's dimensions snugly, minimizing movement and reducing the risk of damage during handling.

All shipments include a packing slip with product details and are labeled with appropriate handling instructions to ensure they are transported safely to their destination.

We use reliable shipping carriers and provide tracking information for each order, so customers can monitor the delivery status of their Hand Lotion Pump.

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