Versatile Foam Pump Head For Hand Washing And Makeup Remove Fits Most Standard Bottles

Basic Information
Place of Origin: PRC
Brand Name: CTP
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Model Number: 43-410-DL
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: In bulk
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 200000 pcs / day
Function: Dispensing Foam Compatibility: Fits Most Standard Bottles
Hygiene: Prevents Cross-contamination Feature: Non-spill
Core: Inside/outside Size: 43/410
Material: PP Eco-Friendly: Reusable
High Light:

Hand Washing Foam Pump Head


Makeup Remove Foam Pump Head


Standard Bottles Foam Pump Head

Product Description:

The Foam Pump Head is a meticulously designed dispenser top that is revolutionizing the way we use liquid soaps, shampoos, and even women hair remove foam. With its standard size of 43/410, this pump head is designed to fit a broad range of bottles, making it a versatile addition to any personal care routine. The product is not only user-friendly but also stands out in terms of hygiene, durability, and quality of materials.

Hygiene is a paramount concern in the design of this foam pump head. In an era where preventing cross-contamination is more important than ever, this pump head ensures that each use is safe and clean. The design allows for minimal contact with the product inside the bottle, reducing the risk of contamination. This feature is especially crucial when the pump head is used for dispensing products like women hair remove foam, where hygiene is a top priority. Consumers can rest assured that their products will remain pure and untouched by external contaminants with each use.

When it comes to durability, this foam pump head stands out from the competition. Longevity is a key consideration in its design, ensuring that the pump will last through countless uses without losing its functionality. The robust construction can handle the rigors of daily use, making it a reliable component in any hygiene or beauty regimen. This is particularly significant for products such as women hair remove foam, which require consistent application over time. Users can be confident that this foam pump head will not falter, providing the same quality performance with every use.

Quality materials are at the heart of this product's construction. The pump head is made from PP (polypropylene), a type of plastic known for its strength, resilience, and food-grade safety. Polypropylene is resistant to many chemical solvents, bases, and acids, making it an ideal material for a foam pump head that may come into contact with a variety of personal care products. Moreover, PP is known for its ability to withstand the test of time, ensuring that the pump head maintains its integrity and appearance.

The internal spring of the foam pump head is another aspect where quality is evident. Available in two variants, 304 and 316, these stainless steel springs are chosen for their resistance to corrosion and their longevity. Stainless steel 304 offers a cost-effective solution with good corrosion resistance, while 316 provides an even higher level of resistance to corrosion and is particularly suited for use with more aggressive formulations. This attention to detail in selecting the right spring material underscores the commitment to durability and ensures the smooth operation of the pump over its lifetime.

In conclusion, the Foam Pump Head is an exceptional product that combines convenience, hygiene, and long-lasting durability. Its size 43/410 makes it a universal fit for numerous bottles, its design minimizes the risk of contamination, and its PP material guarantees a sturdy build. The choice between 304 and 316 stainless steel springs allows for customization based on the specific needs of the product it dispenses, such as women hair remove foam. With this foam pump head, consumers can enjoy a premium experience, ensuring that their personal care products are dispensed in a safe, hygienic, and efficient manner.

Versatile Foam Pump Head For Hand Washing And Makeup Remove Fits Most Standard Bottles 0Versatile Foam Pump Head For Hand Washing And Makeup Remove Fits Most Standard Bottles 1Versatile Foam Pump Head For Hand Washing And Makeup Remove Fits Most Standard Bottles 2


  • Product Name: Foam Pump Head
  • Convenience: Easy To Use
  • Size: 43/410
  • Eco-Friendly: Reusable
  • Usage: Hand Washing, Makeup Remove, Facial Wash
  • Application: Personal Care, Beauty Products
  • Perfect for: Women Hair Remove Foam
  • Ideal for: Men Shaving Foam

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Compatibility Fits Most Standard Bottles
Spring 304/316
Function Dispensing Foam
Usage Hand Washing, Makeup Remove, Facial Wash
Eco-Friendly Reusable
Hygiene Prevents Cross-contamination
Size 43/410
Durability Long-lasting
Convenience Easy To Use
Core Inside/outside


The CTP Model Number 43-410-DL Foam Pump Head is a quintessential component hailing from the Place of Origin: PRC , designed for a multitude of personal care and beauty product applications, providing an eco-friendly and convenient solution for dispensing various formulations. This product, certified with ISO9001/ISO14001 , ensures adherence to high-quality standards and environmental management systems, resonating with the green initiatives of contemporary consumers.

The foam pump head by CTP is crafted from durable PP material, which aligns with the increasing demand for sustainability and product reusability. The resilient design of the pump head allows it to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial settings. Its user-friendly nature is evident, as it facilitates an Easy To Use experience for individuals across all age groups, thus enhancing the overall convenience of the product.

One of the primary applications of the CTP foam pump head is in the domain of personal care, particularly in packaging for man shaving foam . The unique inside/outside core mechanism of the foam pump head ensures that the shaving foam is dispensed as a rich and creamy lather, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. The precision of the foam output minimizes waste and ensures that the product is used efficiently.

Additionally, the CTP foam pump head is versatile enough to be employed in the packaging of a wide array of beauty products. Whether it’s facial cleansers, hand soaps, or body washes, the foam pump head delivers a consistent performance, dispensing the perfect amount of foam with each use. This functionality not only elevates the user experience but also contributes to the product's longevity by preventing overuse and spillage.

From the perspective of brands and manufacturers, the CTP foam pump head offers a reliable and attractive packaging solution that can enhance the perceived value of their products. The sleek and modern design of the Model Number 43-410 can be easily integrated into existing product lines, reinforcing brand identity and consumer loyalty through consistent product delivery.

In summary, the CTP foam pump head is an indispensable tool that serves a broad spectrum of foam-based personal care and beauty products. Its eco-friendly, convenient, and durable attributes make it a preferred choice for consumers and brands alike, ensuring that every application, from man shaving foam to luxury facial foams, is catered to with efficiency and style.



Brand Name: CTP

Model Number: 43-410-DL

Place of Origin: PRC

Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Usage: Ideal for hand washing, makeup removal, facial wash, as well as women hair remove foam and man shaving foam applications.

Convenience: Easy To Use design for hassle-free dispensing.

Function: Expertly crafted for dispensing foam with precision.

Hygiene: Designed to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring a clean and safe use every time.

Size: 43/410 suitable for a wide range of bottles.


Support and Services:

Our Foam Pump Head is designed with quality and durability in mind, ensuring a consistent and smooth dispensing experience. We stand behind our product and are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of technical support and services.

If you encounter any issues with your Foam Pump Head or have any questions regarding its functionality, maintenance, or compatibility, our team is here to assist you. We offer comprehensive support services to troubleshoot any problems you may face and provide guidance on how to best utilize our product for your specific needs.

Our support services include detailed product guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips that are easily accessible and designed to provide quick and effective solutions. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with our Foam Pump Head is seamless and satisfactory.

For more complex issues or direct assistance, our technical support staff is available to provide personalized support. We take pride in our responsive and knowledgeable team, who are well-equipped to handle any inquiries or challenges that may arise with your Foam Pump Head.

Please note that our technical support services do not include physical repair or replacement services. However, we can provide guidance on the warranty process and direct you to authorized service centers or retailers if necessary.

We value your business and are here to ensure that your Foam Pump Head performs optimally. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to serving your technical support needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Foam Pump Head:

Each Foam Pump Head is individually wrapped in a protective poly bag to prevent contamination and ensure cleanliness. The wrapped units are then carefully placed into sturdy cardboard boxes with dividers to prevent movement and damage during transit. The boxes are sealed with heavy-duty tape and clearly labeled with product information and handling instructions.

Shipping for Foam Pump Head:

The packaged Foam Pump Head boxes are palletized and shrink-wrapped for stability during shipping. The pallets are loaded into our delivery trucks using a forklift to ensure they are securely transported to the destination. We use reputable courier services for delivery and provide tracking information for each shipment, so customers can monitor their package's journey until it arrives safely at their location.

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