0.8-1.5CC Output Cosmetic Lotion Pump With Screw-on Closure

Basic Information
Place of Origin: PRC
Brand Name: CTP
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001
Model Number: 43-410-DS
Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: In bulk
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 200000 pcs / day
Material Quality: PP Dip Tube: Any Size You Need
Lock Way: Overcap, Clip Packing: Carton
Spring: Ourside/inside Package: 400pcs/ctn
Output: 0.8-1.5CC Item: Plastic Hanitizer Bottle Pump
High Light:

Screw-on Closure Cosmetic Lotion Pump


0.8-1.5CC Cosmetic Lotion Pump

Product Description:

Plastic Lotion Pump
Product Description

The Plastic Lotion Pump is a high-quality dispenser pump designed for use with various personal care products, such as foam bottle pump, body wash pump bottle, and cosmetic dispenser pump. It is suitable for use in both commercial and personal settings, making it a versatile and convenient option for all your dispensing needs.

Product Attributes

Dip Tube: The Plastic Lotion Pump comes with a customizable dip tube, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your specific needs. This ensures efficient and accurate dispensing of your products.

Item: The Plastic Lotion Pump is specifically designed for use with plastic hand sanitizer bottles, making it a perfect fit for your personal care products.

Lock Way: The pump is equipped with two lock options, an overcap and a clip, providing secure closure and protection for your products.

Spring: The Plastic Lotion Pump comes with the option of an outside or inside spring, ensuring smooth and consistent dispensing of your products.

Package: The product is packaged in sets of 400 pieces per carton, making it convenient for bulk purchasing and efficient for storage and transportation.


In summary, the Plastic Lotion Pump is a versatile and high-quality dispenser pump that caters to all your dispensing needs. Its customizable dip tube, lock options, and spring choices make it a perfect fit for various personal care products, including foam bottle pump, body wash pump bottle, and cosmetic dispenser pump. With its convenient packaging and efficient design, the Plastic Lotion Pump is a must-have for any personal care product line.

0.8-1.5CC Output Cosmetic Lotion Pump With Screw-on Closure 00.8-1.5CC Output Cosmetic Lotion Pump With Screw-on Closure 10.8-1.5CC Output Cosmetic Lotion Pump With Screw-on Closure 2


  • Product Name: Plastic Lotion Pump
  • Packing: Carton
  • Output: 0.8-1.5CC
  • Custom Order: Accept
  • Item: Plastic Hanitizer Bottle Pump
  • Lock Way: Overcap, Clip
  • Body Wash Pump Bottle
  • Cream Pump Dispenser
  • Body Wash Pump Bottle

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters for Plastic Lotion Pump
Product Name Plastic Lotion Pump
Output 0.8-1.5CC
Material Quality PP
Lock Way Overcap, Clip
Samples Free Samples Available
Package 400pcs/ctn
Dip Tube Any Size You Need
Discharge Rate 0.8cc, 1.2cc, 1.5cc
Packing Carton
Item Plastic Hand Sanitizer Bottle Pump
Custom Order Accept
Key Features Body Wash Pump Bottle, Cosmetic Dispenser Pump, Body Wash Pump Bottle


Plastic Lotion Pump - CTP

A Plastic Lotion Pump is a type of cosmetic dispenser pump that is commonly used for dispensing lotion, cream, hand sanitizer, and other similar products. This product is designed to easily dispense the desired amount of product with just one pump, making it hygienic and convenient to use.

Brand Name: CTP

CTP is a well-known brand in the cosmetic industry, providing high-quality plastic lotion pumps that are durable, functional, and cost-effective.

Model Number: 43-410-DS

The model number 40-410 refers to the size of the pump, specifically the neck size that is compatible with most bottles and containers.

Place of Origin: PRC

Our plastic lotion pumps are manufactured in the People's Republic of China (PRC), ensuring high-quality production standards and competitive pricing.

Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Our plastic lotion pumps are certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001, which guarantees that our products meet international quality and environmental standards.

Dip Tube: Any Size You Need

Our dip tubes can be customized to fit any bottle size, making our plastic lotion pumps suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products.

Item: Plastic Hand Sanitizer Bottle Pump

This product is specifically designed for dispensing hand sanitizer, providing a clean and efficient way to dispense the product.

Spring: Outside/Inside

The spring of our plastic lotion pumps can be placed either outside or inside, depending on your preference and the design of your product.

Lock Way: Overcap, Clip

Our plastic lotion pumps come with two lock options - overcap and clip. The overcap provides added protection for the pump during shipping and handling, while the clip allows for easy opening and closing of the pump.

Material Quality: PP

Our plastic lotion pumps are made of high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, which is durable, lightweight, and resistant to chemicals and impact.

In conclusion, the Plastic Lotion Pump from CTP is a versatile and reliable product that is perfect for various cosmetic applications. With customizable dip tubes, two lock options, and high-quality materials, this pump is a must-have for any cosmetic lotion, cream, or hand sanitizer bottle. Choose CTP for all your lotion pump needs!



Plastic Lotion Pump Customization Service

Brand Name: CTP

Model Number:-43-410-DS

Place of Origin: PRC

Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001

Material Quality: PP

Package: 400pcs/ctn

Item: Plastic Handitizer Bottle Pump

Output: 0.8-1.5CC

Closure: Screw-on

Our Plastic Lotion Pump is the perfect choice for your cosmetic lotion needs. Made with high-quality PP material, it ensures durability and reliability. The 40-410 model number is specifically designed for easy dispensing of various lotions, such as hand sanitizer, foam, and cream. Our pumps are proudly manufactured in the PRC and meet the ISO9001/ISO14001 standards for quality and environmental management.

With our customization service, you can choose from a range of colors and designs to match your branding and packaging. Our pumps are available in a package of 400 pieces per carton, making it convenient for bulk orders. The output of 0.8-1.5CC ensures the perfect amount of lotion is dispensed with each pump. The screw-on closure ensures a secure and leak-proof dispensing experience.

Choose CTP for your Cosmetic Lotion Pump, Foam Bottle Pump, and Cream Pump Dispenser needs. Our reliable and customizable pumps will elevate the look and functionality of your product. Contact us now to get started!


Packing and Shipping:

Plastic Lotion Pump Packaging and Shipping

Our Plastic Lotion Pump is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery and arrival to our customers. The packaging for this product includes:

  • Individual plastic bags for each pump
  • Sturdy cardboard box for bulk orders
  • Secure wrapping and cushioning materials to protect against damage

For shipping, we offer various options to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Standard shipping via air or sea freight
  • Expedited shipping for urgent orders
  • Customized shipping options based on customer preferences

Our team carefully inspects each product before shipping to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We also provide tracking information for all orders so customers can track their packages and know exactly when to expect delivery.

Contact Details

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